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What is consents.online?

Consents.online is an online software aimed at increasing security when sharing private financial information. The platform enables users to securely share banking information with relevant parties on a one off basis, allowing users to control who they share their digital information with.

How do I use consents.online?

When you apply for finance through VAF, our funders require a range of financial information in order to get credit approved. If we purpose your application with our funder Arkle, and they require your banking information; consents.online is their preferred the tool so you can securely share your banking information.

Step 1

Visit the Arkle Finance consents.online portal here and select the “Get Started” button.

Step 2

The portal will ask for your company and personal details, fill in the relevant fields and continue.

Step 3

Select your bank, if your bank is not listed, search for it and confirm.

Step 4

Review the terms and conditions, terms of use, select the relevant boxes and click the consent button.

Step 5

Log into your online Banking

Updated on June 9, 2021
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