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How to Create Lease Quotes for your Clients


Formulating leasing quotes for your clients with Speedlease is a great way to gain access to competitive leasing rates from our trusted funders and banks for over 40 different asset types. 

Step 1 

Head to our website visionassetfinance.com and click on the login option. 

Step 2

Log into your Speedlease account.

If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one in a few simple steps. Check out the How to Create a Vendor Speedlease Account article for more information.  

Step 3 

Click on the Quick Quote option. 

Step 4 

  • Select the category your asset falls under.
  • Select the Lease finance option.
  • Input the expected cost of the asset.
  • Click the Get Quotes button.

Step 5

The available term lengths will be displayed  alongside the monthly repayment rates. 

Note: This information will be automatically sent to your mailbox in a PDF format. You can forward this to your customer to provide them with financing details for the equipment under consideration. 

How to Generate a Quick Lease Quote for your Clients 

Updated on January 19, 2021

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