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How to Create a Lease Quote


The fast paced nature of todays business markets highlights that technology is constantly changing, investing in assets that may become obsolete within a short amount of time may not be the best way to utilise your company’s capital. Leasing lets you gain access to cutting edge assets without the large upfront investment. 

Formulating leasing quotes with Speedlease is a great way to gain access to competitive leasing rates from our trusted funders and banks for over 40 different asset types. 

Step 1

Head to our website visionassetfinance.com and click on the login option.

Step 2

Log into your Speedlease account.

Note: If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one in a few simple steps. Check out the How to Create a Speedlease Account article for more information.  

Step 3

Click on the Quick Quote option. 

Step 4 

  • Select the category your asset falls under.
  • Select the Lease finance option.
  • Input the expected cost of the asset.
  • Click the Get Quotes button.

Step 5

Speedlease will generate a quotation based on the details you’ve entered and display the available term length, depending on the asset type. 

Note: This information will be automatically sent to your mailbox in a PDF format.

The Guide to Generating Quick Lease Quotes

Updated on January 19, 2021
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